Kempson Laser Exhibits at the 135th Canton Fair

The 135th Canton Fair in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China will begin from April 15th to 19th, 2024. Kempson Laser booth 18.2F43-4 will display air laser welding, wide pass laser welding, double gun air welding, and other materials on site. Technical engineers will answer questions and provide free samples and welding trials.
Attracting a large number of purchasers from around the world, expressing their intention to establish long-term cooperation with Kempson Laser. Attached are photos of staff and purchasers on site

IMG_20240416_115446 IMG_20240416_121537 IMG_20240416_140141 IMG_20240416_150849 IMG_20240416_094441 IMG_20240415_134647 IMG_20240415_123540 IMG_20240415_155805 IMG_20240416_113313 IMG_20240415_121159_1 IMG_20240417_135325_1 IMG_20240417_135752 IMG_20240417_142002 IMG_20240417_143402_1 IMG_20240417_143417 IMG_20240417_160800 IMG_20240417_154827 IMG_20240417_144014 IMG_20240417_155715 IMG_20240417_164213 IMG_20240418_101801 IMG_20240418_110712 IMG_20240418_111811_1 IMG_20240418_113018 IMG_20240418_120602 IMG_20240418_122013_1 IMG_20240418_131214 IMG_20240418_143111_1 IMG_20240418_145247 IMG_20240418_145536 IMG_20240418_152857 IMG_20240418_154736 IMG_20240418_155004 IMG_20240418_170156 IMG_20240418_165537




Post time: Apr-26-2024

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